We Won!

Who knew that a Planning Board meeting could be so exciting.  What an amazing result.

The Councillors turned down Taylor Wimpey and Countryside’s application for the 13 storey building on plot 201.  They urged them to come back with proposals that would protect the Ecology Park and its wildlife from the threat of overshadowing.

So thank you all for taking the time to write letters objecting to the proposals and helping to spread the word to friends, family and neighbours– your efforts have paid off.  The Chair commented on the 499 objections they had received – a truly impressive number.

Thank you too to all the people who came to the meeting last night to show your support for the Eco Park.  Again, the Chair drew attention to the demo outside the town hall and the 50 people who came to the meeting, demonstrating the strength of local feeling towards the Park.

Thanks is also due to our 3 Peninsula Councillors who came last night, sorted out a room to organise our speakers and who spoke out about the damage that the development would do to our lovely Park if it went ahead.

And finally, but not least, a very big thank you to our amazing speakers – who no doubt had a huge impact on the Councillor’s final decision. Their knowledge and research meant they were able to tell the Board the true facts, outline detailed arguments and give heartfelt accounts of what the Park means to them individually and to the Community as a whole – they won the day.

The Councillors listened carefully to the arguments and cross-examined the Developers – who clearly were not prepared and thought it a done deal.

It was like a scene out of a film when the Planning Board voted against the proposals. It can’t be very often that they get a standing ovation amid cheers and tears.

There may yet be a sting in the tail, so we must remain vigilant.  The Developers may seek to go to appeal over the head of Greenwich Council.  The Chair of the Planning Board did urge the Developers not to do that, as they could see it would go against the wishes of the local community and the interests of the Ecology Park.  So keep your fingers crossed.


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