The Ecology Park Needs your Help

ECO PARK A4 leaflet OCT 2018

We need your help – and our Ecology Park needs it more.

Please help spread the word to your friends and neighbours about the Planning Board Meeting on Tuesday 6 November at 6:30pm to consider plot 201.

Attached is a leaflet about this crucial meeting which you can print off.  Please help by putting a copy on your notice boards or taping to the door of your building.  You can put copies through neighbour’s letter boxes or pass on to friends – tweet, facebook,Instagram or phone – just get the message out there that we need your support at this crucial meeting on Tuesday.

And remember the Friends are holding a pre-planning meeting on Monday 5th at the Pilot Inn from 6.30 to 7.30pm.  Everyone is welcome – speakers and supporters.

If you can’t be at the Pilot but plan to be at the Council Meeting on Tuesday, email the Friends to let us know so we can gauge the numbers.

If you have questions or comments please email us at

The board meeting is being held at the Town Hall, Wellington Street, Woolwich SE18 6PW, Tuesday 6 November starting at 6:30PM.

The agenda and the reports for the meeting, and the relevant procedural information, can be accessed at the Council’s website at


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